Manifesto of amifusion

The time has come when the Zombie Transformation 8 pm Humbug Basel can be introduced with nothing more than a manifesto, the Manifesto of Amifusion, 2020 Basel.


all beings of this earth have the right to be de-zombified if they surrender fully to the fact of what it means to be a zombie


some zombies claim not to be racist because they are too lazy and privileged to deal with their own racisms while claiming to be feminists, the western white supposedly dominant culture claims to be emancipated itself, thereby concealing the reproduction of sublime feelings and the feeling of being sublime. Without intersectionality, i.e. without taking race, class and gender into account, there is no emancipation (see the text by Kimberle Crenshaw 1989).


all of the money must be redistributed and services must be offered to the rich, or to those who feel rich even though they are not, such as the Solikonto ( account no. 344.396.100-07): (i.e. whoever does not know where to send the money can simply send it there and it will be redistributed free of charge). Another very simple option is the solidary purchase of priceless bomber jackets from the fashion label of our cyborg amifusion.


win-win-win situations
must be marked, contextualized and made transparent to anyone. For this purpose please use the information with further information about the dances and the music, or contact us, your fellow zombies or the cyborgs responsible for you.


dance must be a way out through expression and processing.


the dezombification can only be done by non-zombies, all non-zombies have the responsibility to make sure that they do not become zombies themselves while working for twelve days in the north of Benin, and that they do not suddenly leave the zombies standing alone on the stage, because suddenly even those who are not zombies could become zombies (due to monotonous work without a break, little pay, little sleep, consumption of beer as compensation in the evening)


money is not donated or borrowed, but made accessible and always in the following direction:

people who get money more easily pass it on to people who get money less easily, who in turn got money more easily than people who got money less easily, and so on and so on


everything that is shown here was made possible for us by people who could not be enabled to be here, or who can not be here, or who could only enter the stage marked as cyborgs because they don't have a Schengen visa, don't have a German passport, don't have a Swiss passport, don't have money, no having a have


the blame always goes to European border politics, capitalism, neoliberalism, racism, antisemitism, sexism, ageism, abhorrence, transphobia, homophobia, inequality, inequality of chances, with people who maintain all this, feel superior or are superior (for proof see literature, film, interviews, conversations, street etc.pp.)



suisse postbank account
Kontonr. 15-646157-8

IBAN CH73 0900 0000 1564 6157 8

all of the money will be transmitted to friends who made us possible see point 3,7,8

Kassena dance

Part of our choreography is inspired by a war dance developed by the Gurunsi, populations from the region on the border between Burkina Faso and Ghana. Initially intended to give courage and motivation to the fighters, this dance is now widely practiced during traditional parties and ceremonies. The music is traditionally played on different types of percussion instruments accompanied by flutes.

Citizen Boy ft. Dapo Tuburna

, Gqom Oh! 2018. Browse to buy the song

[1] google: Intersektionalität