La Star,

the legs

Sahadatou Ami Tourè

completed her dance training at various West African dance schools and companies, and worked for one of the most important contemporary and traditional dance companies in Benin, Wâlo.
Her choreographies at the Écoles normales d'instituteurs in Benin have won several awards.
She studied for three years at École des Sables, Senegal, where she met uly in 2018. In 2017, Ami 
Touré danced in South Korea for the Festival des danses du monde. In 2019, she was selected for Le Sacre du Printemps,
a production of the Pina Bausch Dance Company Wuppertal. The world tournee lasts since 2021, in the moment they dance in Australia. We never know where she will be next. But probably Japan.


the texts

ulrike kiessling

grew up in zombiewasteland east germany. since she tried to change the patterns, she studied history, media theory and aesthetics in Basel and at Boğazici Üniversitesi. uly received her ballett dance training as a child at the Musikkabinett Leipzig, since 2018 she is practising at the side of La Star.
uly explores the connection between dance, medium and archive. For this she worked on
different experimental arrangements, in image archives and cinemas, in search of breaks and differences, in the hope of emancipating moments. She is doing her PhD on soundarchives in colonial context.

The air

Anita Maïmouna Neuhaus

Anita Maïmouna Neuhaus studied sports science in Switzerland, trained in figure skating until her teens, then in martial arts, including capoeira. She has been staging her own dance projects since 2010. She has worked with traditional West African dance as well as contemporary dance. She uses the intelligence of the body to process themes such as identity, communities. Five years ago, she co-founded the Biel-based dance collective Zéas, which explores Afro-Brazilian practices.



Valentina Menz Nash

Studied history and art theory at the Universidad de Chile,
Art educator and self-taught dancer. Currently a student in the Master's programme in Choreography at the
at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT). Co-founder of Red Mediación Artística
(art education network), where she explores other ways of relating art and society,
transdisciplinary creative processes and collective learning processes between museums and their contexts.

She is involved in research projects on the body in relation to the practice of dance and problems of
contemporary art practices. In the field of contemporary dance, her research has focused on
Afro-dances from Latin America and Ghana, and on the relationships between ritual, dance and life.
life. From 2004 to 2015 she was part of the Afro dance and music company Mestizo. Currently
she is exploring intersections between Afro-dances and improvisational practices in contemporary dance.


Gonzalo Ramos Castro

Chilean musician, trained at the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad de Chile, with studies in music theory and classical percussion. He is an outstanding performer in Afro-Latin percussion, trained at the Escuela Moderna de Música (EMM). Researcher and teacher at the
Universidad Católica Silva Henriquez, where he works on the study of vocal training and the pedagogical power of the voice.
As a performer, arranger and composer, he has integrated musical groups such as Merkén, Dakel or Ensamble Serenata, with whom he has had the opportunity to bring Chilean and Latin American popular and folk music to different parts of the world.
Today he works as a composer, musical director and vocal coach for plays, musical theatre and dance; exploring and creating the integrative power of rhythm and song as a sign of cultural identity.


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